Bay Path University utilizes the Papercut print system to offer simple yet flexible functionality while also providing a standardized experience across all our populations. All of the Canon multi-function devices (MFDs) across the East Longmeadow and Longmeadow campuses run Papercut allowing print jobs to be picked up where ever you are. The video gives you an overview of the functions available. To learn more about printing from a personal device, review the documentation below

Student Printing Policy

Review the Bay Path Student Printing Policy by clicking here

View your Papercut Account

To view your Papercut account including your current balances, print history, and uploading print jobs, visit

Sending a Print Job from a Bay Path computer

  1. Log into the computer using your Bay Path username and password.
  2. Open the document you wish to print.
  3. From the Print menu and select the appropriate print queue.
    1. Faculty/Staff: BPU-FacultyStaff-Printers 
    2. Students: BPU-Student-Printers 

Sending a Print Job from a personal device

Print jobs can be sent from practically any personal device (laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc) using the Papercut MobilityPrint client. To learn how to install and use the MobilityPrint client on your device, click the link below:

Configuring Papercut MobilityPrint

Releasing a Print Job

  1. Walk up to the nearest public printer and tap your Bay Path ID card on the provided card reader or enter your Bay Path username and password to log into the MFD
    Note: If it's your first time, you will need to register your ID to your account (Instructions)
  2. Either click the Print All button to immediately release all your pending jobs or click Print Release to view all your pending jobs
  3. Your print job(s) will be shown on the display of the printer along with the associated cost (print jobs will be available for 9 hours)
  4. Select your job and click Print
  5. If you wish to see additional details or make changes to the copy count or budget to be charged, click the arrow to the right of the job name. Increasing the copy count will increase the cost of the job

Other Functions