As many of our staff and faculty begin working off-campus, the IT department would like to clarify a few steps that should be performed to ensure that you are able to continue working on your Bay Path laptop.

  1. Inform the IT Department that you plan to be using your laptop off-campus. This will allow us to assign the appropriate licenses if necessary and ensure you are ready to go.
  2. Log into the laptop before leaving campus
    • If you do not log into the laptop before leaving campus, you will be unable to do so from off-campus because the device will not be able to connect to our authentication servers. Logging on while on campus will keep a cached copy of your username and password so that your device will be able to continue to function while working remotely.
  3. Install the following software through Microsoft Software Center. Instructions for installing software are available here
    • Fortinet VPN Client (required)
      • This will allow you to access Bay Path resources as if you were on campus including your Z drive, departmental file shares, and local databases.
      • After installing the VPN client, you will need to configure it. Instructions are available here
    • Google File Stream (recommended)
    • Jenzabar One 2019.5 (if needed)
  4. Make sure you have your laptop charger and any other accessories you need. 

If you have any concerns about how you'll be able to perform certain job responsibilities while working remotely, we will be happy to discuss options with you.

Contact the Help Desk at or submit a service request at