NOTE: you will need to be granted the appropriate permissions before you will be able to connect via VPN. Please contact the IT Help Desk to request your access before continuing

If you need to install Forticlient, the University's VPN client, please follow the directions below:

Installing the Client

The Fortinet VPN client is available to be installed through Software Center on any Bay Path laptop, but must be installed before leaving campus. For instructions, refer to the link below

Installing Software Using Microsoft Software Center

Configuring the client

Now that you've installed the client, the client must be configured to connect to the Bay Path VPN connection. 

1. Open Forticlient. When you start Forticlient for the first time you'll see this screen. Check the box next to "I acknowledge that this free software does not come with any product support. I will not contact Fortinet technical support for any issues experienced while using this free software" and then select I accept.

2. Once you've accepted the terms for using the software, you'll be presented with this screen. Click Configure VPN

3. Configure the client with the settings in this screenshot. In the username field. Provide your username. This is the beginning part of your email address, before the Once you've filled in this information, click Save.

4. After you've saved the configuration for the VPN connection, perform a test connection by clicking Connect on the following screen.

Please make sure you have your cell phone on hand. You will receive a push from Duo as you're trying to connect. Once the connection has been established, you'll see a pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen indicating that you're connected via VPN.