Bay Path offers a number of public Windows PC's for student use. Multifunction photocopier devices are available in multiple areas around the Longmeadow and East Longmeadow campuses for students to release print jobs and scan or photocopy documents. Students are able to log into any computer on campus using their Bay Path username and password. From there they can browse the internet, work on a paper, or prepare a presentation using the available software.


Longmeadow Campus:

Open-Access Computer Labs:

  • Hatch Library

Public PC's:

  • Blake Commons
    • Fireplace Lounge
    • Commuter/Quiet Lounge

B&W Printers:

  • Blake Commuter Lounge
  • Carr 102
  • Catok 1st Floor
  • Carr 3rd Floor
  • D'Amour 1st & 2nd Floor
  • Elliott B01
  • North House (International Building)

Color Printers:

  • Hatch Library

Longmeadow Map:

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  • Computers 
  • Printers

East Longmeadow Campus (Ryan Health Science Center)

Public PC's:

  • First floor: web bar counter
  • Second floor: standing desks

B&W Printers:

  • Ryan HSC 1st and 2nd Floor

What Computers Are Available Now?

Click the link below to see a map of all the public PC's on the Longmeadow campus which shows which computers are currently available or in use.

Longmeadow Campus Public PC Map


Need to print a document before class? No problem. Printers are available all over the Longmeadow and East Longmeadow campuses. With the Papercut print system, you can upload your print job from your phone, laptop or a Bay Path computer and release it anywhere. Learn more about using Papercut here