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Students of Bay Path are provided with a free Adobe Spark Premium account while they attend the university.

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is a simple tool for creating beautiful images, web pages and videos. It can be accessed via the web ( or via mobile apps.

Mobile Apps are available for both iOS and Android. Instead of one big app, the apps are divided by purpose:

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Page

Adobe Spark Video

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Create images optimized for
sharing and social media
 Create simple web pages  Create basic videos with
images and audio

Logging Into Spark

  • Visit or launch one of the mobile apps
  • Click Log in
    • website: click Log in With School Account
    • mobile app: click Sign in with an Enterprise ID
  • Enter your Bay Path email address and you will be brought to the Bay Path single sign-on page
  • Log in with your Bay Path username and password

Using Adobe Spark

Adobe provides an excellent resource for how to create and edit media using Adobe Spark. Their knowledge base can be found here:

Creating and Editing with Adobe Spark

Additional resources can be found here:

Adobe Spark Support